Cinder Ray

Life size reconstruction
of the Nuclear Power Station's Gate from Dungeness Kent (UK)
Final Show RCA London, 2011


The work’s presentation will focus the terms space and place through subconscious perception and the experience of a one day trip to Dungeness in Kent – a nuclear power plant visit. This project is an endeavor to visualize the absent/presents of nuclear energy. The following images will show insights of the development of this project and the final installation.


It was the attempt to produce X-Ray like screen-prints to think about invisibility and capture the process of making of a life size paper-architecture. I was working blind during the process of construction (because of the lack of working space) and was driven to investigate A-visuality and the qualities of atomic light. I needed to imagine all the fragments and paper rolls as particles of the whole paper structure, while working at the tiny studio spaces.

The set up of the paper gate revealed all 6 weeks of planning and struggling and finally the object was presented as a 5-meter paper gate in the gallery space. Some days the sunlight touched the structure at noon and illuminated the gate’s transparent bars, as if it mimicked an echo of natural radiation.


Royal College of Art London (UK)