Piano Sublimation

Object, Sound, Graphic

Das Buch ist gemeinsam mit einer LP ein Produkt des audiovisuellen Kooperationsprojekts zwischen der Musikerin JUUN und Michael Wegerer.

PIANO SUBLIMATION – Object | Sound | Graphics
is a collaboration between the Austrian composer and musician JUUN and the visual artist Michael Wegerer.
Piano Sublimation combines sound, graphics, video and sculpture in multidisciplinary installations.

A grand piano by Ehrbar built around 1860,
functions as the common starting object, which was then cut into 5 pieces.
The piano represents the initial point of departure for a constructive exchange of progressive translations in contemporary graphics, objects and sound.

Piano Sublimation – Object, Sound, Graphic
book, 2016 (d/e)
Editors: Michael Wegerer & JUUN
Publisher: Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
ISBN 978-3-900354-55-8

vinyl, 2016
animated cover / screen print
limited art edition: 88 pcs
Artists: JUUN & Michael Wegerer
Label: GOD


single book: € 27,-

set (book & vinyl): € 40,-