artist in residency New Zealand

20. 10. 2019

In January of this year, the Wahrepuke Gallery Prize in Kerikeri was followed by an invitation to a solo exhibition and artist in residency, which I had gratefully accepted.

In the context of the solo exhibition, a series of the screen prints “Northern Light” from scanned skylight and new expressive cyanotypes on tissue paper were shown. For the first time, the series was accompanied by screen prints of geometric shapes and repeat patterns.  The four-week residency at Wahrepuke Studio was dedicated to the study of various visual languages in the Pacific and the Maori. At Wahrepuke Studio, I did a number of sketches in preparation for a new series of prints on glass and architecture.

I would like to thank Mark Graver, graphic artist and curator, and Tanja Booth, manager of SubTropical Garden in Wharepuke, for organizing the exhibition and the excursions.

This project is supported by the Land Niederösterreich Kultur and Art at Wharepuke Gallery, New Zealand.

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