solo projects
drawings & installations

Maze & Monsters
Sei ein Held
We have never been modern

Scan Paintings
Sound Paintings

An incomplete portrait of Sarajevo
Perceptions of life
Little is left to tell

spatial work
projects & commissions

Rudolf Steiner Schule Wien Mauer
(Kunst am Bau / Entwurf, 2019)

Medizinische Fakultät der
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
(Kunst am Bau / Entwurf, 2017)

DIS|ORDER, Baden/Wien
(Public Art Exhibition, 2015)

Mallarmé Rewritten - Un Coup de Dés
(Wall drawing, 2014)

Vermessung des Raumes
(Paintings, 2014)

Desert Bus Stop
(Public Art Intervention, 2010)

work series
graphic, objects, installations

Codes - on glass
Codes - on paper




Fake ready-mades

collective work
collaborations & participatory projects

Virus Media (participatory art project)
Maze & Monsters (participatory art project)
LOOP (collaboration)
Google Hits - Critcal Mass (collective portfolio)
Expanded Painting (collaboration)
Multiple Spaces (collective exhibition)
Baghdad in Love (symposium-exhibition)
Der gestürzte Raum - Qubik (collaboration)


collective publications
books & prints

Virus Media
(catalogue- exhibition / project, 2017)
Piano Sublimation
(book - collaboration, 2016)
(catalogue - exhibition / project, 2016)
Future Design
(catalogue - exhibition / project, 2015)
Celle Ceitung
(newsprint - collaboration, 2012)
Future Works
(book - RCA, 2012)
(newsprint - community based art, RCA, 2010)


selected exhibitions
solo & duo shows

Blue glasses with a mirror effect (duo show)
(with Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela)
Galeria StrefArt, Tychy, POLAND 2019

Let me Google that for you (solo show)
Rostrum Gallery, Malmö,SWEDEN 2015

Tell me what you want (duo show)
(with Darina Peeva)
Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AUSTRIA 2014

Translab (solo show)
Gallery RMIT University, Melbourne, AUS 2009

Piano Subliamtion (with JUUN)
audio-visual project, 2013-16


this section is in progress:
Clusterwolke (duo-exhibition)
Cinder Ray (final show, RCA)