solo projects
drawings & installations

Maze & Monsters
Sei ein Held
We have never been modern

Scan Paintings
Sound Paintings

An incomplete portrait of Sarajevo
Perceptions of life
Little is left to tell

spatial work
projects & commissions

Rudolf Steiner Schule Wien Mauer
(Kunst am Bau / Entwurf, 2019)

Medizinische Fakultät der
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
(Kunst am Bau / Entwurf, 2017)

DIS|ORDER, Baden/Wien
(Public Art Exhibition, 2015)

Mallarmé Rewritten - Un Coup de Dés
(Wall drawing, 2014)

Vermessung des Raumes
(Paintings, 2014)

Desert Bus Stop
(Public Art Intervention, 2010)

work series
graphic, objects, installations

Codes - on glass
Codes - on paper




Fake ready-mades

collective work
collaborations & participatory projects

Virus Media (participatory art project)
Maze & Monsters (participatory art project)
LOOP (collaboration)
Google Hits - Critcal Mass (collective portfolio)
Expanded Painting (collaboration)
Multiple Spaces (collective exhibition)
Baghdad in Love (symposium-exhibition)
Der gestürzte Raum - Qubik (collaboration)


collective publications
books & prints

Virus Media
(catalogue- exhibition / project, 2017)
Piano Sublimation
(book - collaboration, 2016)
(catalogue - exhibition / project, 2016)
Future Design
(catalogue - exhibition / project, 2015)
Celle Ceitung
(newsprint - collaboration, 2012)
Future Works
(book - RCA, 2012)
(newsprint - community based art, RCA, 2010)


selected exhibitions
solo & duo shows

Blue glasses with a mirror effect (duo show)
(with Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela)
Galeria StrefArt, Tychy, POLAND 2019

Let me Google that for you (solo show)
Rostrum Gallery, Malmö,SWEDEN 2015

Translab (solo show)
Gallery RMIT University, Melbourne 2009

Piano Subliamtion (with JUUN)
audio-visual project, 2013-16



this section is in progress:

Tell me what you want (duo-exhibition)
Clusterwolke (duo-exhibition)
Cinder Ray (final show, RCA)