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MICHAEL WEGERER | Bouncing Borders | In Conversation

Bouncing Borders - Gallery View
Artist Talk
Image: MICHAEL WEGERER, "Bouncing Borders", gallery view | (c) Eva Kelety, Bildrecht, Wien 2017
Bildraum 01 | 1010 Vienna, Strauchgasse 2

IN CONVERSATION | music performance & artist talk:
Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 7 pm

JUUN playing the amplified clavicord
World premiere of the musical intervention from the book Bouncing Borders

Artist talk
Jo Stockham, visual artist and professor, Royal College of Art London & 
Barbara Höller, visual artist, Vienna
in conversation with Michael Wegerer
Presentation: Boris Manner, University of Applied Arts Vienna

The starting point for the world premiere of the musical intervention in Bildraum 01 is a lithography produced by Michael Wegerer at the Royal College of Art in London. The composer, pianist and performance artist JUUN created playable scores to Wegerer’s revised version of a photograph showing the chess match performance of Marcel Duchamp and Eve Babitz (1963). The idea arose from the reflection of Walter Benjamin’s translation theory and the reproduction of information and thereof resulting shifts.

After the music performance, Jo Stockham, head of the printmaking program at the RCA London, and the mathematician and artist Barbara Höller will talk with Michael Wegerer about “interventions in exhibition spaces” and examine the tension, oscillating between cooperation and conflict, which the exchance and mututal influence within artistic collaborations entails. The second emphasis of the talk will be printed matter: publishing exhibitions in form of an art book – a discours on image and reproduction questioning processes, requirements, reflection and fulfillment of needs. The talk is presented by Boris Manner, lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and co-editor of the publication Bouncing Borders.

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Michael Wegerer | Bouncing Borders
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Bouncing Borders - Publication
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