Translab (distant divergenses)

translabProject Space Gallery, RMIT University, Artist in Residence Melbourne Australia 2009


“The history and development of writing and imaging may be strung together through misunderstandings that grow from a constant search for new possibilities — the possibilities inherent within the transporting of information and existing knowledge.
Inspired by scientific theories, sketchbook notes and rough drafts, this project is based around the development of a visual diary that captures everyday situations, banal events and experiences. The project is based on the visual and spatial constructions of writing, words and pictures, and on the relationship of recognition and error, the real and illusory, indicators and what is incited. This is a project in search of one's own identity.
Translab is based on collections of found material in the form of a visual diary but is ultimately an investigation of the transport of cultural or social manners through the use of daily objects.
The transformation of used objects into hyper-real paper-objects generates another level of irritation, and deals with the conditions of perception, the boundaries between reality and play, as well as central topics related to meaning.”

Michael Wegerer, Melbourne, August 2009

>> Tracing Diary (installation view)
>> Opening Impressions

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