Planta Baja

plantabajaSolo Show, Ingráfica Cuenca, Spain 2009, pencil drawing (wall and floor), paper sculpture (image©Sofía de Juan)






"We live in a society of transportation, shipments, and transformations. Information and tangible property are found in continuous movement in the hands of a third party. Global Forwarding could be understood as the paradigm of this society.
The creation of international networks is structured in various levels. What happens if a puzzle piece of the chain of responsibilities doesn’t fit as expected? Does the flow of information stop and does a process of reflection and reconsideration begin?
In the best of cases, one is saved by improvising. However, “normally”, the only option that remains is the collapse, the crash; and, consequently, the shelves stay empty.
"Facing one Another" (the australian timber and the euroean paper pallet) was exhibited in September 2009 in Melbourne it was packed up on September 26, 2009 for its shipment to Madrid, with the plan that it would form part of the exhibition “ Planta Baja” in Cuenca.
The shipment never arrived at its destination."

Michael Wegerer, Madrid, November 6, 2009