Harappa Newsprint - Redrawing the Writing Festival "Echo-Chambers"

Collaborative Newsprint, Lithography, 89x64cm, Edition of 60, 2010



‘Echo Chambers' , Writing festival , RCA London 2010




is a Japanese word for openness, which means “open field”.
A collaborative workspace at the Royal College of Art “Department21”, presented opportunities to get involved in projects, discussions and collaborations, on a basis of openness and exchange, achieved through research, presentations and events.

D21’s Harappa is an open space like a blank canvas, which influences the “intellectual Harappa”, in the sense of personal and community’s development.
The writing festival “Echo Chambers” was one of these events. Openness and freedom to communicate through words, images and objects were the main emphasis. The participants experienced how the constitution of space and the arrangement of objects and furniture have influenced their writings and drawings during this evening.

The Newsprint “Harappa” is the document of this event.
“Harappa” can be presented either folded as a newspaper or mounted as a poster.



harappa harappaParticipants notes: left: Marker Pen on Cling Film - right: Slow Writing Room
Royal College of Art, London 2010


Collaboration between Department21, Harriet Edwards, Brigit Connoly (Context, a new creative writing initiative) and Michael Wegerer.
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