Google Hits (Critical Mass* Portfolio Edition)

Screen-Print on Tracing-Paper (280g); Edition Size: 44 plus 2EP and 2 PP; Print Size: 13 x 19 inces; Critical Mass Portfolio-Project, Milkwaukee, USA, 2012

The Critical Mass portfolio Edition "Google hits" represents a graphical translation of an Internet Data set from the search engine Google. The data set is related to the 44 participating “ Critical Mass”- Portfolio artists. The participating artists are printed on the Image. The number-sets are the spontaneous result of the search engine’s outcome, which data is the combination of three terms in relation to their names: 'music & art", " non-manual task "and" independence ". The visual echo of the print is the summary of this record. The shape of the circle reminds on pie charts, and the rectangle recollects a bar code of statistics from data analyzes.


CRITICAL MASS (view the complete portfolio on-line)