Cannot be transparent white & Consequences of Separation (Expanded Painting)

Exhibition view, Visarte/M54, Basel, CH

EXPANDED PAINTING (exchange exhibition)
is the title of my most recent work and started as the dialogue project "Expanded Painting" between 10 artists from Vienna and Basel/Switzerland. They were grouped in 5 pairs to communicate during this autumn. The dialogue generated writings through our email correspondence, which we collected and progressed as part of the process .
This work is an experiment and an interpretation of painting through sculpture and light. Vermeer’s painting “Allegory of the art of painting”, seduced me to choose this topic at least because of the fact that it is part of the collection of the Art History Museum in Vienna, the city where this exchange exhibition departures.
Michael Wegerer, Mrz 2011

Participating Artists:
Nicole Schmölzer, Susanne Lyner, Max Grauli, Ilse Ermen, Maria Dundakova, Michael Wegerer, Victoria Coeln, Christian Helbock, Barbara Höller, Ilse Chlan

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Expanded Painting (process)



left: Tracing Paper Sculpture before dismantling and exposure
right:Art History Museum Vienna, Jan Vermeer "Die Malkunst"
right below: reproduced Tracing Paper Sculpture (CMYK Screenprint)


The window of my flat was the starting point to develop this project, which as paper object is a 1:1 reconstruction of the flat’s window where pur correspondence-emails were send.

The tracing paper object was dismanteled exposed and transferred (cmyk screenprint) onto new tracing paper the process represents painting from a conceptual perspective. It suggests to imagine colour’s division through light and gives a hint on the hidden window in Vermeer’s painting.

Finally the work was presented as part of the group show intended to capture other artists work and to generate a dialogue within the exhibited space.


close up