An incomplete Portrait of Sarajevo (Ebay Drawings)



The drawing-series "An incomplete Portrait of Sarajevo" are "Ebay-Screen-Shot-Drawings of Sarajevo-Objects", copied by hand and exclusively
ON-LINE to view. The "original" drawing series was virtually displayed at the "Ebay-Gallery"*, and simultaneously presented at the exhibition
"Sarajevo Transit" - Galleria Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo*. 10 drawings were available for sale.
The auction started at the 19th June 2012 19:07 MEZ ...and ended 10 days later.




Drawings on Tracing Paper, A4, 2012




Virtual View:
"Original Drawing" exhibited at Ebay gallery*

Ebay gallery (screen-shot): 19th June - 29th June 2012 19:07 MEZ



The whole series was displayed at Sarajevo Transit / Celle (Collaborative Group Exhibition)
Galleria Collegium Artisticum*, Sarajevo 2012


Installation Views: Galleria Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, 2012